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1, specially prompt, use the Internet must comply with national policies and laws, including the criminal law, the national security law, security law, computer information system security protection ordinance, to protect the interests of the state, the protection of national security, all the responsibility for the illegal use of the Internet caused by the user, take full responsibility.

2, users in the application using the “ China lighting network ” to provide network services, must provide accurate personal information to Chinese lighting network company, such as personal data of any change, must be updated in a timely manner. If there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a user of the information provided false, false, invalid or incomplete, “ Chinese lighting network ” have the right to issue queries and / or to request correction notice to the user, and has the right to make processing to delete the corresponding data, until the suspension, termination of part or all of the services provided to the the user. “ China lighting network ” does not undertake any responsibility, the user will bear any direct or indirect expenditure generated.

3, the user shall not use the “ China lighting network ” the service sends or dissemination of sensitive information and in violation of national laws and regulations policy information, such information including but not limited to:

(1) against the basic principles of the constitution;

(2) of endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subverting the government, undermining national unity;

(3) harm national honor and interests;

(4) to incite ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity;

(5) undermining national religious policy, promoting cults and Superstitions;

(6) spread rumors, disturbs social order, undermining social stability;

(7) of distributing obscene, pornographic, gambling, violence, murder, terror or instigates crimes;

(8) insult or slander others, infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of others;

(9) other contents prohibited by law, administrative regulations.

users in the use of “ Chinese lighting network ” the service process, must follow the following principle:

(1) comply with the relevant laws and regulations China;

(2) not for any illegal purpose and use the network service system, comply with all service network protocol, regulations and procedures related to network; shall not use “ &rdquo Chinese lighting network; network service system on the Internet any possible negative impact on the normal operation of behavior;

(3) shall not be carried out without any “ China lighting network ” advertising business license; not on “ China lighting network ” any data for commercial use, including but not limited to, without “ China lighting network ” prior written consent, use &ldquo to copy, spread in any way; Chinese lighting network &rdquo display data;

(4) shall not use the false, pretend to be someone or other party information registered “ Chinese lighting network ” post comments or other content; not evaluate other member in the fictional or distorted way is improper, shall not be unfair to manufacture or improve their credit, shall not be unfair to manufacture or increase (decrease) the other members of the credit degree;

(5) shall not use any device, software or programs to interfere or attempt to interfere with “ China lighting network ” the normal operation or is “ China lighting network ” for any transaction, activity; shall not take any data that would cause unreasonable load imposed on &ldquo Chinese lighting; &rdquo network; network equipment operations;

(6) shall not carry out any detrimental to China lighting network company or &ldquo using the network service; Chinese lighting network ” behavior.

4, this website product information mainly for the user to provide reference for the light, such as a slightly different in reason, details refer to the actual product or consult the customer service staff.

5, users have the right to report, users in the use of “ China lighting network ” the service process if found illegal, illegal, tort or any other violation of the terms of service, have the right to check up to the Chinese lighting network company through customer service way special, China lighting company will adopt the corresponding measures on the report to verify the contents. Authenticity, impartiality users to ensure that its report items, while respecting the China lighting network company to report events disposal measures; be report users have the right to defense by way of specialized customer service, but does not affect the Chinese lighting network companies to take corresponding measures, Chinese lighting network company was impeached for user defended in the after acceptance, will return to its service. China lighting company will keep confidentiality of user report.

6, the user violates this article “ use &rdquo rules; China lighting network, the company has the right to take warning, depending on the circumstances of the severe correction within a prescribed time limit, suspend, cancel the order, banned the trade in service, the closed account, a permanent ban on registration and other measures, and causes losses to the Chinese lighting network company or third party, China lighting company has the right to take all legal proceedings and non litigation means claim; user behavior constitutes a crime, Chinese lighting company has the right to inform and assist the State Department in charge of investigation.

The right of final interpretation of

7, China lighting network enjoy the above regulations.