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In 2020 the global lighting market will reach 110000000000 euros

Time:2014-01-07 Click:5008 Author:中国照明灯具网

The survey of lighting professionals and consumers on the other input factors, and the global survey based on global management consulting company, the world's leading recently published estimates of the global lighting market until 2020 lighting market model, including the analysis of application, geographical factors and light source technology differentiation.

lighting market because of its emission reduction effect and new factors such as the accession to the LED, OLED recently attracted much attention, but the lack of globally, full view contains a comprehensive report across all key sectors and application, geographical factors, light source technology and value chain at different stages. In order to make up for the shortfall, McKinsey consulting company commissioned by the Osram, drafted a report on the global lighting market independent from the perspective of its future evolution path.

is summarized for the global lighting market of development, including the expected future market share of LED, McKinsey on the global lighting experts and consumers were investigated, including seven different countries (Germany, Japan, America, Chinese, Russia, Brazil and India).


report, the global lighting market is expected to reach 110000000000 euros in 2020 — — equivalent to the global TV market. Global population growth and city is the main factor to improve the overall demand for lighting products, city and climate change issues are also pushing for more energy efficient lighting products, governments around the world to control the energy efficiency of the accelerated development of the lighting industry.

today, the history of mankind fourth lighting technology revolution — — the advent of the LED technology are transforming the industry. Although, LED technology has not yet been achieved more price advantage, but from a large number of investment companies can be expected to be at the rate of 30% every year to cut manufacturing costs, LED is becoming a popular widely affordable technology.

report shows, estimates the global LED lighting market revenue will grow, at an annual rate of 30% until 2020, LED lighting market income will be close to 65000000000 euro — — occupy nearly 60% in the global lighting market share.

Three Department of the most widely used

lighting applications is the general lighting, automotive lighting and backlighting applications, including general lighting application of maximum, approximately 75% occupy the general lighting market, analyzes the deep is a report.

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