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Domestic semiconductor equipment industry to break the monopoly of the rise of overseas in need of innovation

Time:2014-01-07 Click:4781 Author:中国照明灯具网

according to the 17 semiconductor equipment manufacturers China Electronic Equipment Industry Association statistics, in 2012 the domestic semiconductor equipment sales revenue of 3680000000 yuan, is expected in 2013 the domestic semiconductor equipment sales revenue of 4200000000 yuan.

Microelectronics Research Academy of Sciences Chinese institute director Ye Tianchun to introduce, in recent years the domestic and international market demand for the domestic semiconductor equipment industry provides a historic opportunity for development. At present advanced integrated circuit packaging process a number of great scale integrated circuit manufacturing equipment, manufacturing equipment, high brightness light-emitting diode manufacturing equipment successfully developed, domestic equipment to achieve from scratch, from low-end to high-end equipment equipment breakthrough, some began to compete with the international leading equipment manufacturers.

The Deputy Secretary General of the

China Electronic Industry Association Jin Cunzhong said, “ &rdquo during the 12th Five Year Plan; many countries on policy support the development of the semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry, the national science and technology major projects “ great scale integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and complete sets of technology specific ” “ put forward clearly, the 12th Five Year Plan period will focus on ” 45— 22 key problems of nano manufacturing equipment, the equipment and materials for the domestic market share reached 10% and 20%, and to develop the international market.

however, compared with foreign semiconductor equipment giants, domestic manufacturers still a large gap, the domestic high-end equipment manufacturing are still depend on import.

to promote Chinese integrated circuit industry into the golden period of development of “ ”, Ye Tianchun said, is for the construction of a national integrated circuit industry chain and the development of strategic emerging industries, with local key technology breakthrough change to the overall, systematic, integrated innovation, organization innovation, focus on the promotion of enterprise innovation ability. Two is to follow the strategy from “ ” to “ innovation across ”, form a unique innovative technology and product innovation in a number of core technology.

Sheng Photoelectric chairman Chen Aihua think, the domestic semiconductor equipment companies to accurately grasp and determine the critical needs of market and customer; innovation and economic benefits of combining, both with the core competitiveness, and can meet the customer's key demand products; domestic semiconductor equipment market early is the most critical period between the industrial chain, to each other support and cooperation.

for the semiconductor equipment industry intellectual property barriers are very high, the unfavorable situation of foreign enterprises with intellectual property rights as a weapon to prevent new companies entering the market, domestic enterprises must conduct a comprehensive analysis of the existing patent, must have its own independent intellectual property rights, must also respect the intellectual property rights of others.

in addition, semiconductor equipment manufacturers at home must have access to the international market deployment and channels, to establish a good relationship with overseas customers, a win-win strategy.

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