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Apple assists the sapphire substrate will be in short supply to a seller's market

Time:2014-01-07 Click:3792 Author:中国照明灯具网

in China this year to prohibit the use of incandescent lamps more than 60W, increased LED lighting needs, plus Apple led sapphire applications continue to expand, the epitaxy substrate, the upstream Chang Zhaoyuan crystal, crystal, such as beauty Xin Ruijie orders tonic, industry, this operation will be in short supply, to a seller's market.

industry, benefit from the downstream packaging plant completely turned into 4 inch large size sapphire substrate, plus this year have the Spring Festival holiday early, is expected to make the epitaxial factory early delivery generated inventory demand, prices by the optical and lighting demand stimulus, the sapphire substrate prices have been stupid stupid action, estimated before the lunar new year will rise 1 left and right.

the industry pointed out that, the current capacity is almost full, this year in the mainland LED disable incandescent lamps more than 60W, the order is expected to grow considerably, and consumer electronics products using the sapphire substrate is more and more positive, demand will grow more than last year, this year will definitely become a seller's market in short supply, prices will rise, natural, promote operation rise, even burst.


also assists is undeniable, will take the lead in the sapphire substrate into mobile phone after the lens cap and the HOME key fingerprint identification, causing the market trend, including South Korea LG and HTC electric have introduced, according to the current understanding of Apple's new plan is to put the sapphire substrate into the NB touch panel, wherein each NB sapphire substrate need is about 5 times, each iPhone 5S if true, the future power considerable substrate plant.

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