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LED industry: ban plans to mass effect LED lighting opportunity

Time:2014-01-07 Click:2621 Author:中国照明灯具网

matters: in 2014, America government in the territory of a total ban on the production and import of incandescent lamp program formally went into effect. Canada also from January 1, 2014 onwards, the incandescent lamp formal disable 75W and 100W, and 40 and 60W lighting, will also ban in December 31, 2014. The European Union has comprehensively in 2012 banned the sale of incandescent lamp. In 2014, incandescent lamp main countries and areas in the world out of plans to mass effect.

comment: the world's major countries and regions of the incandescent lamp bans plan

Incandescent lamp bans plan

main countries and areas in the world entered batch validation phase in 2014, for the LED lighting market fully open

2013-2014 the world's major countries and regions to ban or will be banned incandescent lamp sales. Chinese, EU, USA three largest market in 2014 may have doubled the growth. Driven by the government out incandescent policy, in 2014 the global LED lighting permeability increase will reach the fastest.

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