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The lighting 3 years to enter the first echelon industry

Time:2014-01-07 Click:3770 Author:中国照明灯具网

“ beautiful lighting and long-term development goal is to become a comprehensive lighting enterprises, and strive to achieve the scale of 10 billion. 3 year goal is to do the 2000000000 scale, to enter the industry first echelon camp, by focusing on the system construction and system construction of channels for suppliers, mergers and acquisitions to achieve leapfrog development. ” December 19th, beautiful lighting general manager Cao Zhijie expresses when accepting a reporter to interview.

in order to achieve this goal, to better promote the day, beautiful lighting held a theme for “ polymerization advantage resources, create beautiful future ” — — to rise the new era of LED 2014 Supplier Forum, attended the meeting was beautiful lighting general manager Cao Zhijie, deputy general manager He Wei and company tall, Chinese Lighting Electric Appliance Association director Liu Shengping and beautiful lighting suppliers and more than 200 people. The meeting also held 11 core supplier award ceremony and crystal, electronic, optoelectronic two suppliers strategic cooperation signing ceremony.

if not ready to do 5 hundred million beautiful lighting brand value as

the Supplier Forum held, further enhance our suppliers friends confidence on the beautiful lighting together, but also to strengthen the supply and demand cooperation development desire and sincerity. And beautiful lighting also finished products, channels and internal organization and a series of preparatory.

to achieve this goal, the next two years, the lighting will be focused Home Furnishing and commercial lighting, network construction, professional to cultivate KA channels and business platform; focus on improving the product series, forming the core supplier partner.

now, beautiful lighting are accelerating the pace of transformation. Cao Zhijie introduces to the reporter, to the transformation of the lighting mainly from 3 aspects: the first is the transformation from the traditional products, products to the LED product; second is the channel transformation, sales center of gravity forward transfer, strengthen terminal sales ability; third is the transition of internal organization, beautiful lighting will adjust its organizational structure, new asked to respond to LED products.

“ in fact, over the past few years, the lighting is not good, but even if there is no good, this year also achieved 5 hundred million, this is the brand value. Cao Zhijie said &rdquo. Founded in 2009, Midea lighting, the speed of development once let the industry was shocked, although passes through a small detours, but the bigger and stronger lighting industry will never change. “ since the beautiful lighting was established, the group of the United States on the lighting industry objectives have not changed. Industry to do beauty, whether it is a new industry, or the traditional industry, the goal must be the highest industry. ” Cao Zhijie said.

“ reconstruction of a beautiful ” next year the focus is to build a strong product and distribution channel of

2010, Midea Group proposed “ reconstruction of a beautiful ”. Cao Zhijie said: “ from 100 billion to 200 billion, growth in? Can not rely on the original home appliance industry, the need to rely on to cultivate new industry, ranking the first in the new lighting industry. The group of the United States in the positioning of the lighting industry, is not just a lighting applications, but the lighting industry chain layout. ”

Cao Zhijie said: “ the development of a new industry is inevitably accompanied by the growth of enterprises, some enterprises have closed down, settle down is a brand, product, channel, the strength of enterprises, beautiful lighting has an absolute advantage in the financial strength, product and channel construction will be the next key. ”

“ channel did not essentially change. ” He Wei think, the current LED lighting channel model or the traditional lighting channels in use. The lighting will be in the professional channel, electric, KA channels continue to upgrade, increase the channel development, and speed up the channels focus.

“ e-commerce growth is very strong, so in the new channel development, early next year, beautiful lighting will officially enter the electronic commerce. ” He Wei said, before some of the Amoy brand, they had some opportunities, but now the Amoy brand is very difficult, because as the business development, the service, brand requirements increase, while the offline brand can achieve this point.

“ beautiful lighting is a good place that is not too much of a burden. ” He Wei think, the traditional enterprise line network is relatively mature, many dealers without authorization, the online shop has opened a lot, leading to relatively large impact on the price system of the line, the control in this area is better, in a blank state, development business channels easier planning.

the Supplier Forum successfully held, also marks, beautiful lighting has made full preparations to meet this goal.

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