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The development of Wuxi green hotel to replace more than 90% LED lamps

Time:2014-01-07 Click:2859 Author:中国照明灯具网

in the past, the high-end luxury Stars Hotel has long been recognized as a major carbon “ ”, hotel and catering service industry overall energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions are higher, and the higher the grade the more high energy consumption and emissions. Since 2007, Wuxi city will adhere to the national standard “ green ” evaluation into the hotel star rating “ ” precondition, Stars Hotel Wuxi also began to create green hotel ” “, through energy saving, construction of water body reuse system and other energy-saving emission reduction technology and means, to explore a new model hotel management of low carbon. Reporters yesterday from Wuxi City Tourism Bureau was informed that, in 2014, Wuxi city will strive to urban tourism Star Hotel “ green ” coverage rate reached 100%.

recently, composed of more than 200 employees on behalf of Emperor Group Environmental Protection Volunteers Association, will be the concept of environmental protection into the enterprise culture. Reportedly, the group for its each new hotel requirements, must be “ Green Hotel ”. Now, “ green ” consciousness is gradually from the hotel construction staff to permeability, and has achieved some success.

Junlai InterContinental Hotel chief Liu Weiqian introduced, only staff kitchen this piece, digital drop by more than half from the beginning until now, on the one hand, for the enterprise to save 15% of the cost of. The hotel also implement low carbon management through the digital quantization, like every day will per capita electricity, water, energy use data to the employees published, give guidance and education staff the most intuitive.

Green Hotel

Junlai Hubin hotel or domestic first class 5A, the hotel has a restaurant “ green ” environmental management system, environmental protection, green from the hard environment, energy saving to the room atmosphere, green food, quality of service and other aspects to improve the soft environment, such as the use of solar energy, wind energy and other green energy substitution high energy consumption of the old obsolete equipment, establish the hotel super large green non pollution vegetable base, &ldquo started the &rdquo green signs;.

Hotel Nikko Wuxi by using water source heat pump, LED lamps and other energy-saving equipment and the use of modern intelligent room management system control rooms of energy consumption, energy consumption ratio has two consecutive years will be controlled at about 7%, a figure in the early 11% business hotel. “ we spent two years, invested about 600000 yuan, will be more than 90% of the hotel lighting was replaced with LED lights, only this year, saving operating costs about 200000 yuan. ” Hotel Nikko Wuxi relevant responsible person said.

to the hotel, choose low carbon environmental protection, is not only a social responsibility of the enterprise, but also for the hotel to reduce operating costs, they also hope, guests can consciously participate in low carbon enterprise. In order to transfer the concept of low carbon own, Hubin Hotel, hotel in every room inside a green card, remind guests such as change daily sheets, green card can be placed in the bed linen washing, minimize, reduce pollution; guest residual wash shampoo to recovery, or more than half will change. “ in order to avoid guests feel that this is in the hotel to save money, we also want to cut down the cost of returns to the guest service by other forms of compensation. Liu Weiqian said, &rdquo.

from the City Tourism Bureau was informed that, since 2007, the City Tourism Bureau, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau vigorously promote the hotel “ low carbon ” construction, within the city, and gradually form a low input, low consumption, high efficiency increasing saving and environment-friendly hotel development mode, as of now, the city zone has 35 tourist Star Hotel, there have been 33 in accordance with the national industry standard for the green Turist Hotel, of which 2 were gold leaf level; 31 is the silver level, next year I will strive for urban tourism Star Hotel “ green ” coverage rate reached 100%.

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