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LED lighting industry output value in 2015 450000000000

Time:2014-01-07 Click:2710 Author:中国照明灯具网

2015 LED lighting industry output value is expected to reach 450000000000 yuan, and the key equipment and important raw materials of domestic policy will enable listing Corporation to benefit from.

development and Reform Commission yesterday released "semiconductor lighting energy-saving industrial plan" put forward, to 2015, the key equipment in the semiconductor lighting industry and important raw materials to achieve localization, major technology breakthrough. High-end application products reached the international advanced level, energy-saving effect is more obvious. LED lighting energy-saving industrial concentration is gradually increasing, industry agglomeration area basically established, a number of leading enterprises competitiveness significantly enhanced. Research and development platforms and standards, testing, certification system to further improve the.

specifically, first of all is the energy-saving emission reduction effect to be more obvious, the gradual expansion of market share. By 2015, more than 60W general lighting incandescent lamps are all eliminated, the market share will drop to below 10%; energy-saving lamps and other traditional efficient lighting products market share stable at around 70%; LED functional lighting products market share of more than 20%. In addition, LED LCD backlight, landscape lighting market share reached 70% and 80% respectively. Compared with the traditional lighting products, LED road lighting energy-saving 30% above, indoor lighting saving 60%, saving more than 50% above the backlight application, landscape lighting saving 80%, to achieve annual saving 60000000000 kwh, equivalent to saving 21000000 tons of standard coal, reducing carbon dioxide emissions nearly 60000000 tons.

followed by a steady increase in the scale of the industry, strengthen the key enterprises. Development of LED lighting industry is the goal of an average annual growth rate of output is about 30% tons, in 2015 reached 450000000000 yuan (including the LED lighting application products 180000000000 yuan). Further optimization of the industrial structure, build a number of distinctive characteristics of semiconductor lighting industrial agglomeration area. The formation of 10~15 home to master the core technology, have more independent intellectual property rights and a well-known brand, quality and competitive leading enterprises.

third is the technology innovation capacity increases, standards, testing, certification system to further improve the. LED chip more than 80% localization rate, silicon chip LED made an important breakthrough. The quality of light efficiency and application of core parts of the product reaches the international advanced level. Large MOCVD device (LED epitaxial wafer production equipment), the key raw materials to achieve localization, equipment localization detection rate of more than 70%.

, a Shenzhen securities analyst in the electronics industry to accept the Securities Times reporter pointed out, the plan highlights the domestic policy guidance, including equipment and chip, also includes a backlight and street lamps and other products, will help Yu Tianlong photoelectric [6.02 1.86% Funds Research Report] MOCVD manufacturers, NTU photoelectric [58.45 1.30% funds. Newspaper] high pure metal organic source (MO source) manufacturers, as well as the backlight optoelectronic [17.20 5.01% enterprise funds research report], street lamp enterprises Qinshang photoelectric [10.60 2.12% Funds Research Report], domestic chip leader Sanan optoelectronics [13.07 1.95% Funds Research Report] and BDO 润达 [7.45 1.50% Funds Research Report] and other related business development. However, the analyst also reminded, despite the recent boom in the industry is showing signs of recovery, but on the whole is still not very good, prices have been falling, income does not increase profits.

according to statistics, in recent years, the global LED lighting industry output value of annual growth rate maintained at over 20%. The size of the global lighting market in 2020 will exceed $150000000000, LED lighting market is expected to reach US $75000000000, accounting for 50% of the global lighting market share.

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