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Xu Ning: LED light to see the future

Time:2014-01-07 Click:2823 Author:中国照明灯具网

as the mobile phone R & D efforts, and you still call quality and appearance, the brain must also remain in the analog era, mobile phone has already entered the intelligent mobile terminal category, calls just the additional functionality. Lighting industry in general does not keep pace with the times, didn't even notice the surrounding changes, from design, production, performance, and not out of the manufacturing industry thinking.

was forced to change, or take the initiative to change is a question of attitude, change into is not a question of luck, independent transformation initiative more forced operation, high mortality, don't respond to die. Take the initiative to change may be the Fuji, muddle along without any aim is Kodak, want to lead the world, become the apple, want to take the following strategies to learn samsung.


gradually into intelligent Internet age in the world, the lighting is lighting? Will enter the era of intelligent lighting, thought for the light is lighting revolution, in fact, only for the core of light bulb. Lighting must first name, name is a form of repentance, and then from consciousness to understand what the future life, and know how to create light environment, lighting should be entered into the 3G era, aiming at the 4G world.

many people may need 5 years later only then to know, what I said!

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