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Inventory of LED industry those who could not escape the bad luck, "closures"

Time:2014-01-07 Click:2889 Author:中国照明灯具网

the New Year bell in 2014 happy feet sounded, also indicates that amidst the winds of change in crawl in 2013 has become history, first opened a new chapter in the history of LED industry. A review of 2013, for LED enterprises, it is a “ &rdquo, more opportunities; is a non &rdquo “. The price war, the channel war, patent war let LED industry competition of enterprise risk, trembling with fear, and closures, Run away door is noisy &ldquo cause uproar, jittery; &rdquo. Fortunately, 2013 has gone, once made raise a Babel of criticism of “ Run away door ” &ldquo ” closures; also finally calm down, many LED enterprises from finally free from dangerous atmosphere, near misses. However, some enterprises are not so lucky, “ ” one after another fall in the LED industry, rough, and finally had to declare bankruptcy, or become a family of &rdquo “ run;. Below, and together take stock in 2013 that failed to escape the disaster had “ ”.

1, Zhongshan male

July 2, 2013, Zhongshan xiongji lighting factory boss Xiemou Run away in the factory, more than 300 employees, a total of nearly one million yuan, also owed more than 2500 yuan. The worst is that dozens of suppliers xiongji lighting factory, they are the factory boss Xie Yingxiong to lip-service fraud for up to 10 million yuan. According to rough statistics found, by the town comprehensive management of social security office registered to 38 suppliers, only 24 home suppliers cheated loans amounted to 16059000 yuan. According to the estimation, even up to about 40000000 yuan fare. It is understood, these lip-service all from the Construction Bank China Heyuan new branch, date of issue cheque was part of the next few months.

2, Shenzhen billion light

July 1st, Shenzhen billion light workers to Shiyan school to apply for arbitration, hope that through labor arbitration to get their wages from April to June. Shenzhen billion light corporate Li Bin since June 8th has disappeared figure, employees do not contact your own boss, in June 17th the factory basically in a state of suspension, the enterprise without any notice. The employee said: “ the boss owed to suppliers 20 million loan, the boss was detained in Shantou. Factory still owes us employees or salary. ”

An employee

Shenzhen billion light angrily said: “ this business failure is inevitable, the boss owed 20 million in debt, now in custody; plant shutdown, the enterprise is not to save. ” a Shenzhen lightever Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen billion light) employees in Baoan District Labor Dispute Arbitration Institute of Shenzhen sent to the door Yan said angrily.


photovoltaic Kellett

photovoltaic Kellett was closed, leaving 5600000000 NT dollars in debt, by creditor bank group to take legal action after the debt.

photovoltaic Kellett was the Taiwan LED industry of excellent students, and the two Innolux and Chi Mei Industrial two rich dad when the shareholders, but now it was closed. The main reason is due to the mainland to strong capital, high subsidy policy for LED industry, let the mainland companies to price competition, on the mainland also because of the excessive competition triggered closures, now it has spread to Taiwan.

4, Lei stars


after several hundred million yuan level LED business failures, came the Shenzhen thunder stars limited closed dissolution. And before the hundred million yuan level LED business failures, thunder stars is the failure of mismanagement, but insolvent. It is hard to know how much money the company owed suppliers, the workshop equipment has arrived to the vendor.

Shenzhen City ray Star Electronics Co. Ltd. was established in 2008 June, is a professional engaged in R & D, all kinds of high-grade light-emitting diode LED production, sales and service of high-tech enterprises. The company registered capital of 1700000 yuan, annual turnover of RMB one thousand five hundred to twenty million.

5, Shihao epitaxial

is a surname Xiao lamp supplier to a reporter, a small business opposite xiongji workshop — — Shihao epitaxial (Zhongshan Guzhen epitaxial Lighting Factory) boss Lee Run away, but something is, the original plant in normal operation, the production of products has not changed, just plant the Shihao epitaxial identification has been removed, the boss changed before and Lee partnership zhang. In July 22nd, Mr. Shaw to the workshop for payment, Zhang Moucai told Mr. Xiao Li has Run away, Shi Haolei crystal is also have been cancelled, the new factory is not responsible for the debts of lee. Mr. Shaw has to the public security departments, he estimated by a total of about 1000000 default payment for goods suppliers arrears.

6, ten party photo

August 14, 2013, Gongming labor management office issued the notice says, ten photoelectric arrears of 220 employees from June 1, 2013 to July 31, 2013 salary, ten photoelectric legal representative Deng Junguo has not come forward to cooperate with relevant government departments to coordinate, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, if Deng Junguo in the notice issued within 3 working days is not associated with the Gongming labor management office staff contact, and immediately back to the company on-site processing default employee wages and other matters, will be investigated for legal responsibility.

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