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Google glasses favored financial storm LED concept stocks welcome the opportunity

Time:2014-01-07 Click:3664 Author:中国照明灯具网

market in the near future to the traditional economic concept stocks are still not interested in. However, the capital stock also see big trend, the structural transformation of the economy so, hold the traditional economy model of the industry shares in reducing at the same time, also increased the new economy stock investment. Statistics show, electronic information, communication and other plate there is a trend of net capital inflow. Among them, the electronic information sector ranks first net inflow of funds, the net inflow of 311000000 yuan, a net inflow of the largest stocks for the optoelectronics, optical crystal, Han's laser, respectively, a net inflow of 46000000 yuan, 36000000 yuan, 32000000 yuan. Communication plate net inflow of 130000000 yuan, a net inflow of the largest stocks for ZTE, latitude communications, Fiberhome communications, respectively, a net inflow of 44000000 yuan, 25000000 yuan, 16000000 yuan.

along with the economic structure reform, more and more capital to increase the investment in new industries. Among them, in the electronic information sector LED, Google glasses industry concept stock more in hot pursuit of the capital market, especially the LED industry shares. The industry development trend of energy-saving industry with the country, its future development trend is worth looking forward to.

Denon photoelectric: photovoltaic equipment warmer still lag, LED devices will open up new space

distributed photovoltaic power station to drive photovoltaic industry has recovered slightly, but the equipment recovery delays. Like a raging fire in the policy support of the distributed photovoltaic power generation projects, driven by the photovoltaic plate overall warming, but because of industry expansion cycle lags behind the boom cycle, the first half of the company's shipments on single crystal growth furnace and multi crystal growth furnace remains in the doldrums, the dozens of Taiwan, but the product gross margin is still grew larger, single crystal furnace. 52% interest rate. In addition, the company newly acquired company thermal field and the crucible company performance than expected, sales less, the parent company of the performance has dragged down the overall company, photovoltaic equipment in general.

new product highlights. Company 12 years the change raised project “ an annual output of 150 sets of polysilicon ingot furnace ” “ an annual output of 500000 km Resin emery line project ” the first half of the year, diamond wire has achieved mass production, and some income; in addition, a subsidiary of Changzhou Denon restart pharmaceutical machinery business, for the company to contribute a part of income, also bring the pharmaceutical industry opportunities for the company.

business will focus on bias LED, bring new growth space for the company. With the downstream demand driven by the LED industry, the sapphire substrate prices significantly warmer, each index of sapphire crystal growth equipment company has reached the production standard, the intention to discuss cooperation with large customers, is expected to achieve greater breakthroughs; in addition, MOCVD equipment in 2012 to achieve a sales and stable operation, is expected to become the new darling of the domestic equipments. With the development of LED industry, it will bring good expectations for the company.

&ldquo see ” ratings. In view of the company the photovoltaic business is in a period of adjustment, is seeking transformation; LED industry sapphire furnace, MOCVD the new business have basically completed the technical reserves, is actively engaged in business development. So the company is profitable performance inflection point, we will not give the company performance evaluation, “ see ” investment rating.

Shi LAN micro: gradually out of the performance of the bottom

Shilan micro adhere to IDM mode, the whole industry chain has integrated circuit manufacturing capability. Power type chip as the company focused on the future development of the company, the integrated circuit business will steadily develop. Company LED business as the market rebound, the profit situation improved, with the replacement process of incandescent lamp, huge market space in the future. We expect the net profit of the company 2013-2014 years is 112000000, 158000000, EPS for 0.12 yuan, 0.16 yuan, the current stock price corresponding to PE for 49.97 times, 35.54 times.


integrated circuit industry chain manufacturing capacity: one of the company is currently the design and manufacture of integrated circuit chip one of the largest enterprises, with the chip design, manufacturing, packaging and testing are highly integrated IDM model as the foundation, the ongoing capacity expansion and product line extension development. Intelligent terminal and LED lighting is the business development of the company is currently the main driving force, the future power module business application in inverter motor with huge growth potential.

IC business steady growth: integrated circuit industry boom continued, steady development of the company's business. Integrated circuit is the traditional dominant business, in 2010 after the company in transition to include power management and power drive, RF and mixed signal, MCU and digital audio and video chip and other high-end applications, where the power supply chip is the focus of development in recent years. In 2009 -2012 year my coun. In 2009 -2012 year my country IC market at an average annual growth rate of 13%, with the LED lighting, intelligent terminal and other downstream market growth and the European and American economic recovery, the company integrated circuit business will continue to grow steadily.

LED industry wide space: with the LED chip market rising, corporate profits will improve. As the downstream lighting demand increasing, the upstream epitaxial chip and packaging enterprises in the past two years the market downturn the marsh slowly walked out, MOCVD capacity utilization rate is on the rise. Industry polarization will be more and more obvious, the company is expected to expand market share.

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