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Samsung suffered huge crisis two days market value evaporated 11 trillion won

Time:2014-01-07 Click:2853 Author:中国照明灯具网

Samsung Electronics is going to survive a huge crisis from the beginning of the new year was 2013, to reproduce the glory? At the beginning of the year after the opening, Samsung Electronics shares for two consecutive days of sharp decline, fell into a “ inverse growth disturbance ”. In particular, with Samsung Electronics will be planned in January 3rd published the fourth quarter of last year the actual performance (provisional value) until January 7th, causing around its performance further. This is because, as a modern KIA Samsung Electronics and car together leading South Korean manufacturing industry “ big brother ”, symbolic of very large. In January 3rd, Samsung Electronics shares again than the previous day down 0.99%, to close at 1290000 to 6000 won.

this is from August 28, 2013, Samsung Electronics shares within 4 months below 1300000 again won. More ominously, the share price is showing a continued downward trend, two days, stock prices were down 5.54% in January 2nd, only one day, Samsung electronics market value evaporated has 110000 194800000000 won. The main reason lies in the investigation, a worse performance to bring people the sense of unease. Foreign securities company fired the field performance debate.

French securities company bank of Paris (BNP Paribas) observed in January 2nd called “ the actual performance of Samsung Electronics, the fourth quarter of last year fell by 14% compared with the previous quarter, stay in only 8 trillion won, ” and Samsung's target price cut to 2000000 won from 2300000 won.

won because of the appreciation pressure on the exchange rate, the intelligent mobile phone price decline and pressure late payment for executive staff bonuses increased costs, strong wind and big waves “ ” it is an important reason causing performance deterioration.

South Korea domestic securities company that last year in the fourth quarter, the actual performance is not optimistic. Some people even came out, the fourth quarter of last year's business interests only stay in about 8 trillion won. If the actual transcript indeed, almost equivalent to the “ the performance impact (earning shock) &rdquo level. If not so, recently the modern securities, Samsung Securities 14: Samsung fourth quarter of the actual performance report of the securities companies, 6 companies have speculated that its business interests remain in 9 trillion won the degree.

The core

lackluster dispute from the people to Samsung's main product — — mobile phone sector concerns, because the mobile phone sector accounts for signs of Samsung overall sales of more than half of the performance of a substantial setback is gradually manifested. In fact, after the 2013 Sony, LG and Huawei have introduced the intelligent mobile phone quality than the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 sales from the second quarter of 20500000 decreased to 1450 in the third quarter, the fourth quarter is the sharp decline to 10000000. The bigger question is, the outlook for this year remains a cloud.

experts believe that, thanks to the semiconductor industry sector performance recovery and household appliances improve, Samsung Electronics years operating profit will still exceed 40 trillion won, but in the intelligent mobile phone division, Samsung will rapidly lose competitiveness. This pessimism is spreading.

is the most important, the most expensive terminal intelligent mobile phone Samsung market benefit is shrinking, but low-cost intelligent mobile phone market is booming. In particular, the Samsung “ &rdquo backyard; China market, not only the apple officially out of the challenge, Huawei and ZTE Chinese after enterprises are rapidly gaining market.

related, Woori investment securities analysts Li Shizhe (sound) said “ this year, Samsung Semiconductor business interests will be increased by 51% over last year, reaching 100000 to 900000000000 won, but ” “ mobile phone sector declined from 250000 last year to 500000000000 won to 240000 to 500000000000 won, decreased 4%”.

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